Dumpster Rental

Roll Off Dumpster Rental Sizes.

Residential Sized Dumpsters

10 Yard Roll Off ($250)

Dimension: 6ft wide x 12ft long x 4ft tall

Our 10 yard dumpster is ideal for smaller projects, like a bathroom remodel or a one car garage cleanup.

13 Yard Roll Off ($275)

Dimension: 7ft wide x 12ft long x 4.5ft tall

Our 13 yard dumpster is a great small to mid-size dumpster option. For a home clean out, or ridding some yard debris, the 13 yard is a the way to go!

16 Yard Roll Off ($300)

Dimension: 7ft wide x 12ft long x 6ft tall

Prepping, loading and hauling a large load of debris, roofing shingles, couldn’t be easier than with our 16yd roll off. Holds nearly 40sq of roofing shingles, up to 3.5 tons max loading capacity, walk-in loading doors while fitting soundly to one side of your drive-way. Large homes and jobs are perfect for this dumpster size

Commercial Sized Dumpsters

20 Yard Roll Off ($425)

Dimension: 7ft wide x 22ft long x 4ft tall

Our 20 yard is our second biggest dumpster and is ideal for Bigger garage cleanouts, heating & air conditioning, house remodeling, carpeting, roofing and minor landscaping

30 Yard Roll Off ($475)

Dimension: 7ft wide x 22ft long x 6ft tall

Our biggest dumpster available, the 30 yard is ideal for Major Construction, Remodeling, Projects, Demolition, Tree Removal, Large Landscaping

How do I Know If I need a Roll Off Dumpster?

​Let's first consider the materials you are placing in the dumpster. Let's imagine you're wheel barreling mulch, attempting to shovel load after load into a trailer 4ft off the surface of the ground can get tricky. In a situation like this how might a roll off dumpster be advantageous?

  • You can wheel barrel or carry materials directly into the roll off dumpster
  • If your driveway is at an incline a roll off dumpster eliminates the possibility of the dumpster rolling away due to the steepness of it.
  • The height makes for easy load access if you are loading with a bobcat
  • There is the occasion where a pick-up truck can handle the materials you need hauled away, but the smallest of our dumpster can handle nearly 5x the amount of a pick-up.
  • A roll off assures greater safety. No spillage out of the side and attempts to ratchet down material, our dumpsters carry tarping that keep all materials safely enclosed on it's way to the waste management and recycling centers.