11. Can anybody rent a dumpster trailer?
YES! We rent our dumpster trailers to Home Owners, Home Renters, Businesses, Developers, Lawn Care Professionals, and Realtors.
22. How do we order a dumpster trailer?
It is simple to order a dump trailer. You can ORDER ONLINE or call 407-690-3216 for your free quote and to place your order. By sending us a photo of what you would like to dispose of, we can often have a quote within the hour.
33. How long can we rent the dumpster trailer?
For dumpster rental time, just call us at 407-580-8446
44. Do you deliver same day dumpster trailer rentals?
In most cases YES! We are often able to deliver and pick up a dumpster trailer rental the same day.
55. What dumpster trailer sizes are available for rent?
We have 10-YARD, 13-YARD, 16-YARD, 20 -YARD, 30 YARD DUMPSTERS
66. What can we use the dumpster trailer for?
77. What cannot go in the dumpster trailer?
We take almost anything. Items that are not allowable are: paints, chemicals, batteries, hazardous waste, wet cement, small children and tires.
88. Can we put appliances in the dumpster trailer?
No. However, by informing us ahead of time we can arrange to take it at NO ADDITIONAL FEE. Just keep it next to the trailer and we will load it into the truck ourselves.
99. How much can I fill up the dumpster trailer?
We’d be happy to discuss the volume amount of filling up a trailer in a phone conversation. The main factors will DEPEND ON THE MATERIAL you’d like to place in the trailer and how far above the rim of the trailer it can go.
1010. How should we load the dumpster trailer rental?
The dumpster should be loaded with FLAT MATERIALS FIRST. We also recommend that you load the dumpster with the HEAVIEST MATERIALS FIRST and to the VERY BACK OF THE DUMPSTER. This will help you fit more materials in the dumpster.
1111. What if my dumpster trailer is full and I need another dumpster?
Just give us a call and we will remove the full dumpster and drop off another empty dumpster for rental.12
1212. Are we able to order more than one dumpster trailer at a time?
YES! With enough notice, we are able to deliver multiple trailers/dumpsters to your HOME, JOB SITE or BUSINESS.
1313. Can we get a cost quote before we have a dumpster trailer delivered?
YES YOU CAN! In most, if not all cases, we will quote you before we drop off your dumpster rental.
1414. What forms of payment does JUNK IT PLUS take?
We take CASH, all MAJOR CREDIT CARDS including Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover along with BUSINESS CHECKS, PAYPAL, and the CASH APP.
1515. How do we pay for a dumpster trailer?
Payment can be made over the phone or when a dumpster is being delivered to your location.
1616. Do I have to be at the location when the dumpster trailer is delivered?
IF YOU PAY BY CREDIT CARD BEFORE the dumpster is delivered. You DO NOT have to be at your home or place of business.
1717. What areas of Central Florida do you service?
We service the majority of central Florida including Orange and Osceola counties. Everything from Orlando to Kissimmee to Sanford and everything in between. Polk, Seminole, Orange. We service the majority of Central Florida!