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Unlock your business's full potential with the versatile and game-changing Junk it Plus Equipter: the ultimate solution for roofing, contracting, and restoration professionals.

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How it works?

Equipter is a gasoline powered, self-propelled lightweight dump trailer. It is made of durable aluminum and can stand up on the toughest jobs. Equipter can be elevated to heights from 7 to 12 feet making roofing, restoration and construction jobs easier.


Self-propelled with a gasoline powered hydraulic system, has large tires with excellent traction, has a tight turning radius with evenly distributed weight so you won't leave marks on customer's lawns.

Has a 12' lift to help improve efficiency on job sites. Having the container closer to the roof level allows you to remove debris quickly without it falling onto your customer's property in the debris removal process and make your customers happy.


The final step of the debris removal process easier as well. After you've filled the container, simply drive it to where you want to unload the tailgate to dump debris into a larger truck or trailer to be hauled away.


The 4 foot extension feature raises the container up & over flowers and landscaping.